When somebody looks at your product at first sight the packaging attracks attention. Because of this product labels play an important role. Altough according to guidelines labels must contain informations about the product, ingredients, production and expiration dates. Gama Label offers professional support for designing and printing of this kind of labels.


Gama Label has also specialized in the production of pharmaceutical labels. These include ultra thin papers and specialist adhesives for wrap around small vials, cryogenic adhesives and other high performance applications. On pharmaceutical labels it is important to keep submitted label designs correctly. All label designs are controlled before and after printing by our professional team with our quality control systems, so that the possibility of failure minimized.


The chemical labels can be classified as barrel&drum labels and household chemicals labels. For drum, barrel labels the consumers request that the label should have a weather resistant and recyclable with the PE packaging. Altough the adhesive must be suitable for difficult surfaces. As Gama Label we work with professional paper suppliers so that we can meet your needs easily. Our custom printed labels for household chemicals fulfill the safety warning requirements while still helping to distinguish your products from the competition with attractive designs.


As Gama Label we offer support for custom agricultural product labels. These labels should contain some hazard symbols and they need to be informative. The consumers generally prefer PE face for agricultural product labels for flexible packaging with rubber based, permanent adhesives. For such kind of informative labels artwork plays an essential role. Our graphic team offers excellent support by designing your labels without mistake. With our fast turnaround you can get your labels quickly.


In order to promote and sell your products you need attractive labels because at first sight packaging catch consumers eye. As Gama Label we produce custom advertising labels. Generally for such kind of labels the consumers prefer special shapes. With our flat base cutting station, which has been implemented 3 years ago, we can offer competitive price for small run labels.


Textile manufacturers prefer printable custom clothing price tags instead of non-printable in the labeling process . So that it is possible to print on brand tags. Front page of tag covers the brand, back page covers the informations about price, barcode etc. Users don't need to print on plain label and after that stick it on tag, so that gain time and money. Altough cellophane coating is avaliable on our station. Through this coating, tags become untearable and durable.


Self adhesive labels are crucial for the transport and logistic industry. Usually plain or pre printed labels are preferred for such kind of needs. As Gama Label we can meet high volume label requirements at competitive price in a short time. Although we are able to print serial or variable barcode labels. .


Self adhesive labels are indispensable elements in automotive industry. Labels must cope with harsch chemical environments and should have high temperature and chemical resistance. For such kind of special applications usually PET /PE films and engineered adhesives preferred. Gama Label has also special labeling solutions for tyres and lubricant/oil can. For oil cans adhesives perform well in the hot filling processes. Gama Label combines best print quality with the best material. So that consumers can reach effective result easily.